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Options & Upgrades


Inside Mount Window Blinds

Inside Mount

The blind is mounted inside the window frame; offers a tailored look, emphasizing the actual size of the window.  Any deductions will be made by the manufacturer. Window casing should at least meet the minimum depth required to accommodate the brackets, or the flush mount depth to have the headrail fully recessed in the casing.  When selecting your size, enter the actual dimensions of your window casing.


Outside Mount Window Blinds

Outside Mount

The blind is mounted on the wall or molding outside the window frame to cover an area larger than the window itself. Outside mounted blinds are required if the window casing is not deep enough to accommodate the mounting brackets for an inside mount. When selecting your size, enter the desired size of the blind itself - at least 1 1/2" of overlap on each side is recommended.


Standard Roller

The fabric goes straight down the back of the roller closest to the glass. A continuous cord loop chain lifts the blinds up and down.




This heavy duty cordless lift system is the smoothest in the industry. Child safe and easy to use.


Cassette Headrail

The shade rolls up into a metal cassette system. This finishes out the window and the front is fabric wrapped with the same material to match your decor.


Fascia Headrail

The shade rolls up behind this metal valance. It has an industrial look and comes in 5 popular colors. It is designed for very long windows where the roller can get bigger.


Side Tracks and Bottom Sill

Hides gaps and finishes out the window. Available in 5 colors and made of metal.


Reverse Roll

The fabric travels down the front of the roller. This type of shade is used mainly used for areas where the blind needs to protrude out necessary for door latches. Not available with cassette option or motorization. This option is free of charge but must be requested upon purchase.


Motorized Roller Shades

Control your shades to go up and down with just the touch of a button. A variety of additional motorization features and options are available to modernize your home or office.


Somfy 5 Channel Remote Control

Fifteen Channel Remote Control

Work up to 15 individual blinds or groups of blinds at the same time. This is a great option to simultaneously open or close multiple windows in different rooms within your home or office.

Somfy 5 Channel Wall Switch

Five Channel Wall Switch

This wall switch is wireless so you just screw it on the wall. You can control the blinds or shades without having to rely on a remote control.

 Somfy Wall Timer

WiFi Bridge

This option allows you to control your shades using your smartphone whether you are at home or away! Create rooms, set timers and scenes for optimum comfort and let the WiFi Bridge take control.