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November 09, 2018 2 min read

Each product has its own unique measuring instructions.
Here, we break down how to measure all of the different types of shades and blinds we offer. With these measuring instructions, you’ll get it right the first time to save you time and money.

These basic tips will get you perfect measurements for window treatments. Please see category sections below for more details.

Getting Started:
1. Use a steel measuring tape.
2. Round DOWN to the nearest 1/8″ for Width.
3. Round UP to the nearest 1/8″ for Height.
4. Always reference product specifications for complete measuring instructions.

Inside Mount:

  1. First, ensure that your window has enough depth to accommodate the product you have chosen. Refer to the “Mounting Requirements” section for the product you have chosen.
  2. If your window does not have the required depth, choose another product, or an outside mount.
  3. Provide the exact window opening size. Take NO deductions. The factory will ensure that your product will fit snugly in the window, and will operate properly.

Please note that inside mounted roller shades will have a vertical light gap between the shade and the window frame of approximately 3/4″ on either side to accommodate the operating mechanisms.

Outside Mount:

  1. Specify the exact width and height you want your product. Your product will be made to the exact size you specify.
  2. You should include additional height for the mounting brackets, which are up to 2 1/2″ tall.
  3. Add extra width on the sides, top and bottom for more privacy and light blockage.
  4. Be aware of obstructions like molding, doorknobs and deadbolts that might get in the way of your blind. Some blinds are available with spacer blocks or extension brackets to help clear these obstructions.


  • For Roller Shades, Vertical Blinds and Sheer Shades, record the width from the TOP of the window only.
  • For all other blinds and shades, record top, middle and bottom measurements using the narrowest measurement.


  • Measure the height in 3 places; Left, Center and Right.
  • Use the shortest measurement for Sheer Shades and Vertical Blinds.
  • For all other blinds and shades, use the longest measurement.
Best of Blinds Admin
Best of Blinds Admin

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